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   "Only through distance can we gain perspective."


    William C. Judge


 Judge Digital Media L.L.C.  
     Judge Digital Media L.L.C

"Your message, the story you need to tell is important to you, which makes it important to me." - William C. Judge

Judge Digital Media L.L.C.  
We create high quality digital content from photos to full length documentaries and 3D animations.
Judge Digital Media L.L.C, William Judge
Award winning Bodhi Leaf Productions is the full length documentary side of the house and specializes in:

      • Documentary Films
      • Museum and Exhibit videos
      • Educational video production
"South Carolina Human Prehistory"
Award winning educational documentary created for the University of South Carolina’s Native American Studies Center in Lancaster South Carolina.
Square Holes, Digging the Kolb Site
The Great Pee Dee River has served as a major trade and transportation route for thousands of years.  Sitting above what was once the river’s main channel, the Kolb Site is rich in artifacts, dating from just yesterday to 13,000 years ago. For two weeks each year a group of dedicated career and volunteer archaeologists descend upon this ancient sand dune to unlock its secrets and journey through the past.

I'm open to new project collaboration.  If you would like to discuss your idea please contact me at wcj@williamjudge.net