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   "Only through distance can we gain perspective."


    William C. Judge


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The Wonder of it All!

"How fortunate we are to be alive in this amazing time; a time where a journey to the far side of the globe can be made in a day and still the caribou travel across the tundra by the thousands. From the devotion of a young monk in South India to the beauty of Alaska, I find that I am captivated by the wonder of it all. Here I hope to share a little of that wonder with you."   - William Judge
by Jon Anderson
Jon Anderson, Yes, William Judge
Mariko. Jon Anderson Chakra-4

Being a long time fan of Jon Anderson and YES it was an amazing experience and honor to create this video.  Jon's voice, lyrics and music can transport you to the place deep inside .  A place of higher vibration of  light and love.  My hope is that this video captures a bit of the magic in his music.

Chakra 4

 music by

 Jon Anderson

                          Venerable Geshe Tsulga

                          A Single Day in a Lifetime of Practice

Each moment of Venerable Geshe Tsulga's life was dedicated to the Dharma.  His kindness and compassion affected all who met him.  Here is an opportunity to join Geshe-La on  typical day, to see first hand how he lived each moment for others. Discover how this humble man, born a nomad on the high plains of Tibet, fled the Chinese invasion and occupation of his homeland to live in exile in India and play an important role in the rebuilding of Sera Monastic University and then land up as the resident teacher for the Kurukulla Center just outside of Bostons. 



The documentary "MicroGravity" reveals the heart of the composer, Anne Cabrera. As the tragedy of the space shuttle Columbia unfolded Anne was driven by fate, heartache, and inspiration to sit down and pour her heart out through her music. Once she started she couldn't stop. MicroGravity is a short film about one individual's need to give back, to let the emotions and feelings channel through her and in some way provide meaning and honor to those who gave their lives for the final frontier.

The song “Microgravity” is just one from the wonderful CD “Columbia: We Dare to Dream”.

The Clock Shop 
To see the Clock Shop
A nearly 100-year-old grandfather clock I had inherited sat quietly in my foyer.  I had not heard it chime since I was a child.  When I decided it was time to bring it back to life I, purely by chance, called Steve Brown at the Clock Shop in Raleigh, NC.  He came and took the mechanism out and the cabinet went off to be refinished.

Several weeks later when he returned with the mechanism I watched with anticipation has he put it in place.  A tweak here an adjustment there and the chimes sounded.  This old clock was once again keeping time.

As I watched Steve work I was fascinated and knew I had to tell his story.