"Only through distance can we gain perspective."



William C. Judge



"I don't follow my passion.  I bring it with me"  - William C. Judge

The Wonder of it All!
Jon Anderson
Chakra - 4
"How fortunate we are to be alive in this amazing time; a time where a journey to the far side of the globe can be made in a day and still the caribou travel across the tundra by the thousands. From the devotion of a young monk in South India to the beauty of Alaska, I find that I am captivated by the wonder of it all. Here I hope to share a little of that wonder with you."   - William Judge
                    about William C. Judge
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William C. Judge

To give a chronological order to Mr. Judge’s creative journey would be a difficult task at best.  He is a writer, photographer, filmmaker and visual storyteller.  A 15 year career in the fire service rising to the rank of Captain, another 15 plus years with a DoD contractor creating visuals from 3D models to documentary style videos of some of the most elite troops training missions has lead him down a winding path with many adventures and side journeys just to keep things interesting. 


All along his professional journey Mr. Judge was also on a creative and spiritual one.  In the late 1980’s he published a series of short pieces in the magazine “Connecting Link”.  In 1992 he made the first of many trips to India where he spent time with the Tibetan Monks of Sera Jey Monastic University in their refugee home in the South.  From his love for the Tibetan people came the films “Venerable Geshe Tsulga a Single day in a Lifetime of Practice” and “Path to Geshe".


In 2012 Mr. Judge collaborated with the world renowned singer/songwriter Jon Anderson formerly of the super group YES to create the music short “Chakra 4”


Reconnecting with his cousin whom he had not seen since childhood, archaeologist Chris Judge, opened up new possibilities and the award winning documentary “Square Holes, Digging the Kolb Site” was born as was a passion for the First Peoples of America.  There will be more to come from this chapter.


‘The world is an amazing place with endless possibilities.  Look at the world through the eyes of a child and rekindle in your heart the wonder of it all.  It is my hope that I can share a little of this sense of wonder with all who care to pause, breathe in the possibilities and dream them into reality.”  - W.C. Judge