"Only through distance can we gain perspective."



William C. Judge



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Judge Digital Media L.L.C, William Judge
William C. Judge in India

Independent Documentary Film Production:  As an award winning documentary producer/director/editor I am available to help you with your next project.

Video Production:  I specialize in short form educational, messaging and training video production.  This was the core of what I have produced for the DoD for the past 15 years.


Independent DoD Contractor:  I am available for contracting with the government and DoD to support the mission in what ever way I can.  I currently hold a TS-SCI clearance


Photography:  Event documention.  This covers many things from training events in hazardous environments to those in a more controled environment. 

Aeriel Video and Photography:  High resolution images from the air offer an extra perspective to your production.  Coming in May 2017. 

Much more to come!





Mr. Judge is available for screenings and speaking events.  For more information he may be contacted at wcj@williamjudge.net