"Only through distance can we gain perspective."



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William Judge
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Creative Videos, Documentaries and Visualizations to Teach, Explore and inspire the wonder of it all.

William Judge
Wondrous Journey

"I hope that you  find as I  have that this life’s journey truly is wondrous - that we live in a beautiful mysterious world just waiting to be explored.  As a film maker, photographer and traveler my aim is to make these wonders a little more accessible to you.  Please be sure to visit us often as we grow and add new images and videos  from around the world and the neighborhood."                                               -William C.Judge

Award winning educational documentary created for the University of South Carolina’s Native American Studies Center in Lancaster South Carolina.

Links to Videos and details about some of our productions:

For 20 years a group of dedicated career and volunteer archaeologist descend upon an ancient sand dune on an oxbow of the Great Pee Dee River in South Carolina.  Rich in artifacts they found evidence of human activity from last week to 13,000 years ago.  

William Judge, Geshe, Tibet, Dharma, Buddhism
Path to Geshe

Explore life in one of Tibet's most ancient monasteries now rebuilt in exile in south India.  Path to Geshe is an inside look at life in Sera Monastic University.

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