Judge Digital Media L.L.C.
   "Only through distance can we gain perspective."


    William C. Judge


 Judge Digital Media L.L.C.  

"ARA develops highly technical products that are difficult to explain. Time and again, Bill designed and developed videos that “told the story” in a simple and compelling way. The artwork and quality of Bill’s videography is always first rate." 
 - Rob Sues, President and CEO ARA

Technical Video Samples

William Judge
Understanding New Technology  

Video is an effective tool for demonstrating a new technology and concepts.  This video helps set the stage and opens the discussion on how a software tool works to determine where a photo was taken.

"Bill has the rare combination of advanced technical skills and incredibly effective and natural communication skills: the former attribute being critical for producing his high quality video and graphic products, the latter being critical for working with business partners to build relationships, understand requirements, and work towards solutions." 
-Andrew Walters, Technology Manager

William Judge
ARA Digital Media Demo

A sampling of some of the many projects I have worked on with ARA.